We've been here a while!

The earliest recorded mention of “Manegrave” appears to be around 1240, but there are aerial survey records that indicate far earlier settlements. 

At one time officially designated as an “Alehouse”, The King William IV acquired a full licence in 1940.

Former brewery ownership includes JW Green in 1869 (formally Pearman’s Brewery) and Flowers of Stratford upon Avon, following a merger with J W Green in 1954. Local brewer Whitbread acquired Flowers in 1962.

The pub has enjoyed the same family ownership for over thirty years and the next generation of the same family are now keen to maintain a respect for the past, while moving forward with many new features.

The pub namesake’s main claim to fame is being “obliged” to sign the Great Reform Bill of 1832. The New Management is somewhat more enthusiastic about reform than William and is working hard to enhance the pub as a valued, local community resource.

They are also determined to maintain an important feature of the past: a Warm Welcome!